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Destination: Lesotho
Season: 1st October – 30th April
Duration: 5 nights
Accommodation: Mobile Camping

River X - Lesotho

This beautiful mountain gem is a little know tributary of the Senqu River. It flows in a South Westerly direction from it source on the Lesotho escarpment until it joins the Senqu River. The section we fish is made up of numerous pools, lots of pocket water, glides and riffles. The river banks and river bottom compromise of basalt bed rock and boulders, which ensures excellent clarity and superb sight fishing opportunities.

Angling (species): Rainbow Trout, although the lower stretches are rumoured to hold a small population of brown trout. In the early season the lower stretches are home to Smallmouth Yellowfish. All fishing is strictly fly fishing.

The Fly Fishing and Wilderness Experience
Sight fishing to wild trout on a remote river in the highlands of Lesotho is without question the pinnacle of trout fishing in Southern Africa. River X is unspoiled and only fished by a handful or hardcore, dedicated, and well informed fly fisherman each year. The fishing is technical and rewarding, with buddy fishing the main aim of the game. When not fishing pocket water and riffles, the group works together on the big pools and deeper runs, spotting trout and then guiding each other onto these magnificent fish.

We endeavour to fish dry flies as much as possible, with the fish in the river showing a great affinity to terrestrials. Early morning and late evening hatches of caddis and mayflies are not uncommon, as well as some very heavy midge hatches. Standard nymphing techniques are also very productive. Tandem point and dropper rigs fished under an indicator, as well as dry and dropper rigs, are both effective.

If sight fishing to wild trout was not enough, the beauty of this harsh mountain wilderness is astounding, and reason enough to spend time trekking through Lesotho. Surrounded by drastic basalt cliffs and big skies, the Bearded Vulture and the occasional herd boy and his flock will be your only neighbours during the trek. Nights are enjoyed under a blanket of brilliant stars and days filled with clear rivers, feisty fish and unforgettable scenery.

Modus Operandi and Camping Details

After parking the vehicles on Day 1 at our pre arranged meeting point we commence the 4x4 transfer into the valley. Here we meet up with our two local Basotho guides and ponies that stay with us for the duration of the trek. These ponies carry all hiking and camping equipment, while each member of the group is responsible to carry his/her own day pack and tackle. The river is divided into 5 beats, with 5 overnight stops evenly spread along the river’s course. Each day after breaking camp the ponies are sent ahead to the predetermined overnight stop, while the group fishes its way up river through the course of the day. The distances covered each day varies from 4 – 5km, and we take time to have a relaxed lunch (and swim if warm enough) during the day, arriving at sunset in time to set up camp before settling down for the evening. After the 5th night, we trek out the valley to a predetermined meeting point, where the group is collected and transferred back to our vehicles.



A comprehensive tackle list and order form will be sent to you on request, or on confirmation of booking. All gear and tackle suggested by TF has been tried and tested by our team and comes highly recommended. It is imperative to follow this list closely to ensure you are fishing smartly from the start of your trip.

For more information on this trip or any other African location, please email keith@tourettefishing.com

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